Caveat is a collective research into the ecology of artistic practice. It is initiated by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78. Caveat tries to find more sustainable, balanced ways of operating within the existing legal frameworks. And when the limits of the existing system are reached, it tries to come up with possible new narratives that open up space for reflection.

Caveat Reading Room #10: Performing the Contractual

Jubilee, Former Actiris building, 6th floor
Rue Paul Devauxstraat 3, 1000 Brussels

Collective reading and discussion of fragments from Contract & Contagion, from Biopolitics to Oikonomia (2012), a book by Angela Mitropoulos. The text is selected by Caveat dramaturg Steyn Bergs.

Collective reading and discussion of parts of the chapter 'Contingency, Necessity, Performativity' from: Angela Mitropoulos, Contract & Contagion, from Biopolitics to Oikonomia, Minor Compositions, 2012.

The text is selected by Steyn Bergs, one of Caveat's 'dramaturgs'. He is an art critic and a researcher. Currently, he is conducting his PhD research on the commodification of digital artworks at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Together with Rosa te Velde, he was co-editor-in-chief of Kunstlicht from 2016 to 2018. His writing has appeared in various magazines and journals, and he has presented his work at conferences internationally.

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