Emptor is a collective reflection, initiated by Jubilee. Questioning current ways of practicing property with and from within artistic practice, Emptor inhabits the territory revealed throughout Caveat’s research on the contract. Doing so, it actively continues the quest for an ecology of artistic practice.

Reading Room #19: Artistic reflection in the age of the internet

16:00 - 18:00
Meyboom Artist-run Spaces
Boulevard Pachecolaan 34, 1000 Brussels

During this first Reading Room as part of Jubilee's collective project Emptor, we'll collectively read and discuss excerpts of Boris Groys' "The Truth of Art" (2016)

Collective reading and discussion of excerpts from The Truth of Art, a text by Boris Groys (2016)

In what way is art able to influence the world in which we live?

This first public moment of Emptor is an invitation to discover and critically reflect upon the project's ambition to change realities on the field, its collective dimension, and the role of artistic practices within.

Furthermore, Groys' path towards artistic strategies of nonidentity allows us to start discussions on Emptor's central theme: ownership.