Caveat is a collective research project initiated by Jubilee, reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to 'property', a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts.

Presentation by Scott William Raby at Artist Placement

RH: intro

SWR: Research Fragments - On Social Sensibility and my other

Intoduction: artist, organiser, writter and curator

Researching for quite a few years, extending artistic practice reform, reclaim, reconfigure, etc the infrastructures of the art world in ways that address socio-economic ...

that could be thought of as the disfuctional practices or infrastructures within the art world

Talk about 3 projects today and clarify some of the underlying ideas and sensibilities/ambitions(?): - social sensibility - Diacron - f.eks.

Social Sensibility:

Founded by Italian artist Allesandro Rolandi 2010 self-arranged artist residency

Bejing, French expat community Found its way into artistic practice through semi-educational trajectory Performative choreoraphy that relates to labour within a non-normative framework Rolandi had contact with CEO Bernard Controls proposed artistic performative engagedment, and CEO agreed. Started Social Sensibility in 2012 as part of the R&D department.

2 year residency, doing a number of different project on a level of his own engagement and not inviting other artists, but working directly with the workers of the company.

Waterpumps for nuclear power plants Main manufacturing locations in suburban Paris, but also newly opened plants in Beijing and Austin, Texas.

Rolandi was able to create Choreographic, performative moments with the company's workforce as an entrance point Management was privy to want to expand it. Aftrer 8 months of volunteering Rolandi received a budget

Then was able to develop the project, afterwhich it developed into a small residency. Contractual arrangement with company, which gave it a specific validity within the company codified legal engagment that allowed for developent of projects and transformation into a pseudo HR department

rebranded department of research

Chinese context is different than the Western context, only after a certain time and when he is able to communicate Chinese will workers open up to him and not just say that everything is fine. Socio-politcal perspective tha tisn't normal for a Chinese company

Slideshow with side remarks

Works with wide variety of output in terms of thinking about static objects or the way material that are produced in the factory can be used > link to APG.

Range of socially engaged interactions, gestures of hospitality or care. Sculptural & performative practice of the artists is employed to have a more enjoyable work atmosphere, especially during breaks. Offer tea and create more enjoyable moments.

slide: Work made by factory worker, with Alessandro's help now had access to an art production department > employees started to create works.

Factory also needs to continue production.

slide: Production moment were artistic work and continuance of the factory production simultaneously take place and are able to coexist.

Negotiated a second branch of the project after Sarkozy visited the French factory in Bejing. Political moment to visit a factory that also has an art programme, turned into a social capital moment when French mother company decided to have a similar project.

Sarkozy's visit created a cultural capital moment that allowed them to expand.

Different scenario and culture in Paris, when compared to the Chinese branch. Bejing factory is much more in its infancy, Paris is much more set in its culture > creates different problems and opportunities

Radislav Markovic, Aphorisms, 2017: printed personal anecdotes on serial plates as used in the factory. These plates are distributed and used in the regular manner (not taken out of production).

(Skip Diakron due to time shortage.)

f.eks. (currently working on this, from an organisational perspective)

My interaction with social sensibility is still under development. Not going to describe my project here. Aalborg (DK) based project. No specific objects, no specific locations. Artists are invited to propose temporary event-based projects.

Aalborg is expanding, on Scandinavian scale, transition from Industrial to Post Industrial

project creates event-based structure create infrastructures and public space to create events that engage with the different situations in which we create a platform

example of generic spaces

Create situations in which artists can find engagement interesting and help facilicate that. We can help them in research process and locate potential sites of engagement

unused or underutilesed spaces create different interaction between different publics example: Public Waterfront, Private/Publice Himmerland Real estate company (empty building), Aalto Amphitheatre

Project just finisehd: Luiza Crosman and Pedro Maraes create micro research environment

platform is framework to engage with different experts on trying to rethink working ongoing relationship with urban development department, engage with sites in transition, address utopian narratives and science fiction.

rethink urbanisation process think of technology as sth that can be helpfull

Event at distillery in transformation Final event in sky lounge of Himmerland Real Estate building, short animated video presented to the public in posh office space

f.eks. is short for 'For example' in Danish multiple opportunities, possibilities


KV: What kind of relationship do you have with Social Sensibility?


Invited to Paris branch and meet and continue the dialogue process.
operating as an incidental person, as Alessandro likes undefined position

Interested in working with management, Alessandro liked the idea as this was an unprecedented approach.

RH: on f.eks.

In what way would there be a mutual interst relation between a developer and an artist for example? In most projects we saw today and yesterday

Feel huge discrepancy in the investment made from the artist's side and that on the company's side. Mutual interest but different agendas

SWR Agree, tactics need to be defined. Social Sensibility needed a long time to gain trust from the company.

now we have a budget, he needed to work there 8 months unpaid

strategy in beginning is to utilise our funds in a different way?

argument about tactics, broader strategy for

VP: Do you know why the Danish government is funding these kinds of projects? SWR: They have a history with it. In their brief: encouraging new non-normative models of interaction its already there, in their mandates

alternative exhibition space repurposing a garage or refrigerator organisational context interfacing a city or situation freeing ourselves from initial problem spaces have biggest problems are related to rent

briefs already envoke these types of spaces Diakron reeives govenrment funding to operate an art programme from within a company. In Denmark, we see the expansion of this model. Instead of rooted in one company, develop a set of spaces (municipal, etc)