Emptor is a collective reflection, initiated by Jubilee. Questioning current ways of practicing property with and from within artistic practice, Emptor inhabits the territory revealed throughout Caveat’s research on the contract. Doing so, it actively continues the quest for an ecology of artistic practice.

Eric Schrijver


Eric Schrijver is a Dutch interaction designer, artist and author, born in Amsterdam in 1984. With performances and publishing projects in new and digital media, he uses the internet as a performative space. Eric directs a group blog called I like tight pants and mathematics, that aims to motivate designers and artists to get more involved in the world of computer programmers. From 2011 to 2017 Eric was a core member of the graphic design collective Open Source Publishing. A former faculty member at KABK (NL) and ERG (BE), he has taught workshops around the world.




Activities (participant)