Caveat is a collective research project initiated by Jubilee, reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to 'property', a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts.

Florence Cheval


Florence Cheval is a Brussels-based curator and researcher. She has been involved in Caveat since 2017, she collaborated with Jubilee on the development of the project. She was a Caveat team member from 2018 until summer 2019. Florence continues developing Caveat within pedagogical contexts, as in Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles for instance. Amongst her previous exhibitions projects are: Hostipitalité (Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, Effi & Amir, Eléonore Saintagnan & Grégoire Motte) in 2015, Béatrice Balcou I Kazuko Miyamoto in 2016 and Messidor: Some Arguments Later (Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat, Pieter Geenen, Meggy Rustamova) in 2017. Florence is board member of Messidor and of AICA Belgium.




Activities (participant)

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