Caveat is a collective research project initiated by Jubilee, reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to 'property', a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts.

Laurie Charles


Laurie Charles (1987, works and lives in Brussels) graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, France. She makes videos in which she invites her friends to play: there she mixes folklores, humanities and histories (and narratives of history). She writes and paints speculative narratives – fictions and on canvases. Besides other venues, her work has been exhibited at CIAP Kunstverein (BE), 1646 (NL), Nanjing International Art Festival (CN), Beursschouwburg (BE), Komplot (BE), and Le Commissariat (FR).



Activities (participant)

Notes (participant)