Emptor is a collective reflection, initiated by Jubilee. Questioning current ways of practicing property with and from within artistic practice, Emptor inhabits the territory revealed throughout Caveat’s research on the contract. Doing so, it actively continues the quest for an ecology of artistic practice.

Caveat Reading Room #12: Is it simply a conversation?

18:00 - 20:00
Jubilee, Former Actiris building, 6th floor
Rue Paul Devauxstraat 3, 1000 Brussels

Collective reading and discussion of excerpts of the reflections written by Caveat 'dramaturgs' Steyn Bergs and Luke Mason.

The Caveat Reading Room of December 2019 proposes a collective reading and discussion of excerpts of the reflections that were written by Caveat 'dramaturgs' Steyn Bergs and Luke Mason.

Steyn Bergs, Implied in the Contract. Occasional Reflections on Caveat, 2019

Luke Mason, Labouring under inauthentic conceptions: Some caveats to the predominant visions of artistic and contractual freedom, 2019

In Caveat both Steyn Bergs and Luke Mason, amongst others, acted as 'dramaturgs'. In their role as external experts they followed the research engaged but at arm's length and always starting from their own specific expertise. Steyn Bergs is an art historian. Steyn was involved in the start of the project in context of Lodgers, a research residency initiated by AIR Antwerp and MHKA. Luke Mason is a legal philosopher. He came across Caveat during a conference on labour and that is also the legal perspective he assumes in his writing about Caveat.

Reading excerpts from both texts would conclude the first phase of Caveat, dedicated to orienting and developing the research. At the same time these texts offer a candid mirror on Caveat, insights that can initiate a discussion on its future development.

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