Caveat is a collective research into the ecology of artistic practice. It is initiated by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78. Caveat tries to find more sustainable, balanced ways of operating within the existing legal frameworks. And when the limits of the existing system are reached, it tries to come up with possible new narratives that open up space for reflection.

Luke Mason


Luke Mason is a philosopher and academic lawyer. Much of his published work focuses on labour law and social policy, in particular the nature of working relationships and their constitution by law. Another broad focus of his work is the relationship between legal reasoning and other areas of knowledge, such as those found in science, literature and art. His work often focuses on the social function of legal forms and how these can be modified and revisited to achieve more creative uses of legal concepts. He has taught and researched at Universities across Europe, including in the UK, France, Italy and Germany, and is part of numerous international research networks in his fields of interest. He is currently Associate Professor in Law at BCU, Birmingham, UK and also teaches law at the Sorbonne Law School and ICP in Paris.