Emptor is a collective reflection, initiated by Jubilee. Questioning current ways of practicing property with and from within artistic practice, Emptor inhabits the territory revealed throughout Caveat’s research on the contract. Doing so, it actively continues the quest for an ecology of artistic practice.

Caveat Reading Room #13: Commons or Commoning?

18:00 - 20:00
Jubilee, Former Actiris building, 6th floor
Rue Paul Devauxstraat 3, 1000 Brussels

Collective reading and discussion of excerpts of a reflection and discussion between Serge Gutwirth and Isabelle Stengers: The Law and the Commons (2016).

Caveat installed experiments to find out whether contracts can be active tools throughout collaboration processes and whether contracts can be a tool for reconfiguring relationships. The exchange between Stengers and Gutwirth, The Law and the Commons, is a unique opportunity to go deeper into the question whether written agreements could also become tools for commoning.

Copies are provided.

Reading Room #13 takes place at Hacktiris, 6th floor, rue Paul Devauxstraat 3 - 1000 Brussels
Time: 18-20h
Street access: 17:45-18h

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