Caveat is a collective research project initiated by Jubilee, reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to 'property', a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts.

The Artists Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement in Action. A case study in diplomatics


Arguing that Seth Siegelaub’s and Robert Projansky’s seminal “relational tool” can be considered an artistic document in its own right, Sara Martinetti develops an anthropological and theoretical approach that is inspired by diplomatics and that considers The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement as a piece of writing anchored in a set of situations.

This article was authored by Sara Martinetti. Commissioned by Jubilee for the research trajectories Caveat and Emptor. Based on a lecture Martinetti gave at Caveat at Lodgers, M HKA Antwerp, 2017.

Translated from French by Patrick Kremer

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