Caveat is a collective research into the ecology of artistic practice. It is initiated by Jubilee, in partnership with Open Source Publishing, No New Enemies and Été 78. Caveat tries to find more sustainable, balanced ways of operating within the existing legal frameworks. And when the limits of the existing system are reached, it tries to come up with possible new narratives that open up space for reflection.

Caveat Reading Room #15: Rising Warmth (full)

16:00 - 18:00
Luikenaarsstraat 2 Rue des Liégeois, 1050 Elsene/Ixelles (Brussels)

During this Reading Room, we'll gather around the research of Clémentine Vaultier on heat and fire as a transformative and performative culture-producing process.

During this Caveat Reading Room, we gather around the workbook of Clémentine Vaultier. Initially the result of her research on heat and fire as a performative culture-producing process in the framework of the MA Autonomous Design at KASK, it follows the editorial principle of rising temperature and is in continual progress.

After a short introduction, a collaborative leak from the workbook (with Karolien Chromiak), each participant is invited to browse the workbook and then contribute to the conversation from what sparks their interest. Vaultier compiles a research document that combines (art) historic and anthropological facts and fictions, imagery that was found online, the artist's own sketches, and life experiments connecting interests and methods such as food preparation, ceramics, and material research in relation to contemporary dynamics and discourse around artisanal production and alternative community building. It reflects on the intertwinement between the chemical, technical, and the cultural: indeed, warmth was looked at as a physical phenomenon as well as a social feeling.

This Reading Room is conceived of as a moment of exploration on how ways of keeping and sharing inspiration and warmth corresponds with relationships flowing from it.

Reading Room #15: Rising Warmth is fully booked - please send us an email if you'd like to be on the waiting list:

Download Clémentine's research document compressed for web (42 MB)

Download the full resolution version of Clémentine's research document (261 MB)