Emptor is a collective reflection, initiated by Jubilee. Questioning current ways of practicing property with and from within artistic practice, Emptor inhabits the territory revealed throughout Caveat’s research on the contract. Doing so, it actively continues the quest for an ecology of artistic practice.

Clémentine Vaultier


Clémentine Vaultier dives into various media, sources, languages and fields of knowledge to weave her network of porous practices. She collects, creates and organises in porosity with others material, narratives and events, discussions around objects and research. Vaultier explores social and ritualistic realms, through dynamics of fluidity, transmission, commons, empathy, care, hospitality...

In the context of her master degree at KASK Gent (2017-2019), she initiated an artistic research on warmth, looking at it as both physical and social phenomenons, combining facts and fictions within an extensive and explorative process.

Can you feel the heat now?! approaches the practice of collective ceramic firing, taking the wood kiln as a hot point to gravitate around. Within this framework, Vaultier collects and produces both artistic and anthropological data to look at how we raise, use and diffuse warmth. The proposal anchors these theoretic points of interest in a tangible case study: a recently rediscovered wood kiln in Jolimont castle in Brussels that is no longer in use, and its potential restoration. The project proposes to gather people around discursive events on this specific ceramic oven and site. The project follows Vaultier’s methodology of research on warmth, questioning production of common resources, and gathering the worlds of ceramics, performance, community, and pedagogy around the fire.

Vaultier’s project moreover asks: how can a collective production tool such as this kiln become a place to experiment with participation? - thus reflecting on the oven’s role within its territory and surrounding community. Clémentine's presented her workbook and various researches on warmth during a Caveat Reading Room. In the framework of her collaboration with Caveat's next chapter, Emptor, the artist will be sharing texts and research from the Jolimont project, focusing on patrimonial questions, property and commons. With the aim of gathering a network of artists, searchers and experts around this site study case, the artists wants to provide for a possible vertuous collaboration between institutions, private owners, and the users' community.

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Often, Vaultier’s subjects of interest are object-based, taken as material witnesses to trigger the unfolding of stories. Through observation of (art) history and iconography, architecture, ceramics, geology or food preparation, through drawings, photos, scans or transcripts of discussions, she creates and collects material and articulates narratives revolving around interests such as fluidity, transmission, common, empathy, care, hospitality…

Interested in anything social, ritualistic, empowering, experimental and fun, Vaultier is passionate about how people lived, live and can live together and how knowledge production and aesthetical gestures can be parts of those dynamics.

Clémentine Vaultier is a French artist based in Brussels. She graduated from the master Autonomous Design at KASK, (2019 Gent) where she received the 'Bruynseraede - De Witte honor prize' for her research on Warmth, a central topic Vaultier looked at as a physical as well as a social phenomenon. The artist also graduated from La Cambre (2017 Brussels) in Ceramics and Central Saint Martins (2011 London) in Fine Arts - contextual practice.