Caveat is a collective research project initiated by Jubilee, reflecting and acting on the ecology of artistic practice. Emptor continues along the methodology and efforts of Caveat. It actively applies the practice-based approach to 'property', a concept that highly defines the economy of visual arts.

Report of Caveat Reading Room #14: Orphans of Tar - A Speculative Opera

Produser: Julien de Smet, Ronny Heiremans, Heike Langsdorf, Vanessa Müller, Filip Van Dingenen, Stijn Van Dorpe, Clémentine Vaultier, and Katleen Vermeir.

Bibliography: The Orphans of Tar

Caveat Reading Room #14: Orphans of Tar - A Speculative Opera

Caveat Reading Room #14: Orphans of Tar - A Speculative Opera

The Orphans of Tar, a factual-fiction, features fictitious characters that are rooted in real-life questions and considers a more inclusive society, a sustainable art ecology and the search for possible Third Spaces... For this online Caveat Reading Room, we invite you to gather around this co-authored publication as an occasion to discuss property relations and processes of speculation within and surrounding the arts field.

00:00 Introduction read by Heike Langsdorf

00:03 third space

06:32 Vanessa Müller reads from "We consider", p 13

00:08 Top-down social engineering in Ghent's Rabot neighborhood. Quote by Donna Haraway.

00:12 Michiel Reynaert asks about Third Spaces in the project.

11:10 Danielle van Zuijlen on the "spaces" at play in the project.

13:24 Ronny Heiremans on Third Spaces

14:20 Julien De Smet on Tondelier's fenced-off construction site and its relation to the form of the book/project - libretto, creating proximity

16:16 Stijn Van Dorpe reads from "A third space is a safe space", p 11. Footnote 9 containing understandings of Third Spaces on p 28. From "I'm wondering" p 73 about co-writing.

21:27 Stijn Reads from Didier Eribon, 'Retour à Reims' ...on class and culture.

24:27 Ronny on fiction and reality. Real estate and real construction sites.

00:26 Ronny returns question about Third Spaces to Michiel. Michiel and Ronny about physical and mental aspects.

30:19 Stijn on a project he did together with Kelly Schacht. Slam artists work with Tondelier site.

00:32 Filip Van Dingenen, Stijn and Ronny on critical, aesthetic and political potential of slam art

00:34 Julien on (im)material spaces.

35:25 Heike reads from "When the People" on p 56, on being heard, social inequality, love.

38:42 Ronny on structure of the book: making of, different character protagonist descriptions.

42:44 Katleen reads from "For the shareholder activists", p 62 on real estate property relationships.

46:08 Vanessa on art and life, speculation, value (of dust), shareholders. Who has a right to be on the site of speculation?

51:24 Katleen on cycles of value, absorbsion by elite.

53:58 Danielle on artists' fund that was proposed. Fictional space of art

55:23 Katleen on precarious contracts. Danielle on "overstaying our welcome", contract. Legitimacy of art. Artists as mosquitos making noise.

57:25 Ronny on actors and policies involved. Shared equity and co-ownership. How can possible ways out of real estate problems at hand be proposed? A Modest Proposal

1:00:00 Katleen on spaces of class

1:01:05 Danielle and Ronny on overcomplicated/failed projects

1:02:44 Airport disowns dwellers surrounding it

1:03:25 Danielle: overstaying our welcome, liberation from contract with commissioners, freedom

1:05:55 Michiel on similar experience in Zennestraat Brussels

1:10:01 Heike on buying, ownership by (an) artist(s).

1:11:50 Jesse on community landtrust, built on a principle of co-ownership.

1:13:10 Jesse and Katleen on Permanent and Asilo Commons in Naples. Vanessa writes: Schwarzatal

1:19:25 Ronny and Vincent on the 'abcatio juris' by Franciscan Order, who preferred to have a right anything. Colonial mechanism of bringing the western principle of ownership to other parts of the world. Principle of improvement leading to ownership

1:24:25 Azad Asifovich about Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform in Baku Azerbaijan: collective ownership independent of family, capital, etc. Role in gentrification of area.

1:28:55 Azad on Guild House that was reappropriated in Log Horizon.

1:30:32 Ronny on equity law, historical legal principle that is still of relevance

1:33:29 Heike reads from "In 1940" on p. 88.

1:37:30 Julien on the role of Tar.

1:40:02 Filip Van Dingenen on cleaning up polluted construction sites and following the tar and its relationships.

1:43:42 Julien reading from "A sole desire", p. 99

1:46:04 Clémentine on visual elements at the site "artist's impressions" of what the building would look like - imagining the opera shown on it

1:48:07 Clémentine reading the refrain p. 26

1:49:05 Vincent on artistic questions of a possible opera on basis of the project.

1:52:16 Filip on possible languages of scripting speculation.

1:54:12 Filip reads on p. 12 from "Umberto Eco argues"

1:55:45 Ronny on open-formatted process.

1:58:50 Vanessa on shared property and common language.